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Ram Watching Continues

You may remember our recent article about watching your rams work, and the fact that watching doesn’t make you a creep. Well watching the rams doesn’t stop with the end of the joining. Too often the ram team is ig

nored for 47 weeks of the year, when they are actually the backbone of your entire sheep enterprise.

With joining complete or close to it for most, now is the time to repay the ram team for their efforts. Don’t just pull them out of the ewes and forget about them again until next year. They have been working hard, and need adequate nutrition and care to return to full health, and maintain an active and effective immune system.

With the ever increasing use of ram lambs, the need for special attention is even greater. These young studs, while enthusiastic are still only teenagers, and not as robust as mature rams. They are much more likely to succumb to conditions such as summer pneumonia, or depending upon the feed and seasonal conditions at your place in the coming month, rapidly increasing worm burdens can also be a threat.

So do the right thing by the lads, and look after them after joining. After all they have just deposited a lot of cash into your enterprise. Feed them, look after them, and seek treatment if you suspect that one of them is a little under the weather.

You spend too much time and money buying rams to bring them home and forget about them for most of the year!

A reminder too about our upcoming event - Achieve More Forum - Inverleigh - March 31st.

A chance to be challenged in the way you think about your livestock enterprise, and building real sustainability into your business.

Click here for more details

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