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Our Services Are Second To None
Key Note Speaking & Guest Presenting

Nathan Scott is regarded as one of Australian agriculture's best presenters.  He is a passionate, energetic presenter who will challenge your audience to be even better.  He delivers presentations on a wide variety of subjects. 

Our approach

Science and technology are vital to the continued improvement of the agricultural sector, however uptake is heavily reliant upon the successful delivery of the information to producers. 

The Difference

Nathan is different to most presenters within Agriculture! His aim is not just to deliver information, but to excite and motivate audiences to adopt new concepts, push their enterprise performance and continually improve.  


Nathan has a large range of ready-to-go presentations, including -

  • Social license in agriculture

  • Leadership

  • Lamb survival

  • Lamb finishing

  • Performance thinking

  • The science behind human motivation

  • The use of electronic Identification in livestock systems

  • Livestock industry biosecurity

  • Business & personal goal setting

  • Beef cattle management

  • Pasture based sheep & cattle production

  • Agricultural technology - the next frontier

  • Ram selection 

  • Managing the most important thing in your business - YOU!

If there is a topic that is not listed above, do not hesitate to make contact and discuss your requirements.  Our greatest strength is in the quality of presentations, across a wide range of topics.  

Contact us today for more information on the role we can play in delivering information to your audience.

We also offer public speaking & presentation training - For more information please visit the specific site at 

Facilitation, Group Training & Coordination
Group of farmers gathered in a paddock

Our team are expert facilitators who pride themselves on getting the most out of a group.  From small producer groups, through to large conferences, our role is to drive engagement, interaction, and ultimately adoption of the information presented to the group.   


We are consistently involved in the coordination, and delivery of a number of producer groups within various industry networks.  Effective delivery of information within these forums requires facilitation skills and a strong techical knowledge base.  Achieve Ag Solutions have the expertise and ability to achieve the desired outcomes in what can be a challenging environment. 

High Performance Livestock
Sheep in a paddock

High Performance Livestock (HPL) is a consulting package designed to provide producers with regular, timely and industry leading advice.  Bridging the gap between researchers and producers, Achieve Ag Solutions deliver the practical solutions that you require to improve the productivity and profitability of your enterprise.


HPL utilises regular contact with you to provide the most timely, accurate and appropriate advice throughout the year.  While a consulting solution will be developed to meet your specific needs, most clients employ a system of four half day meetings per year.  These meetings are based around the key events within the production calendar such as joining, lambing/calving, and weaning and are used to evaluate performance and plan proactively.  Included within this package is all phone and email contact between meetings.

Call us today to find out more about the role we can play in assisting your business to express its real potential.


For more details, contact Nathan Scott 0409 493 346

Sheep in paddock looking forward
Project & Trial Work

At Achieve Ag Solutions we understand the role of science & technology in driving our agricultural industries into the future.  For this reason we see it as a crucial role for our staff to be involved at the coal face of investigating and demonstrating the latest developments for producers.  Our staff have a long history of working with various industry organisations across a large number of projects.


The key to success in each of these projects has been the ability to not only undertake the specific tasks of research or demonstration, but also to deliver the outcomes in a manner to maximise producer uptake. 


Research is one thing.  Adoption is another.  This is our strength.

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