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“Junray strives to reach Victoria’s best 10% of prime lamb producing properties, and intend to achieve that through using the expertise of Achieve Ag Solutions.”          – Gordon Brown – “Shelburn” – Junray Pty Ltd, Shelford

Providing the inspiration and confidence to change

Nathan Scott has developed a unique combination of highly energetic, challenging and effective communication, underpinned by a strong coaching and mentoring approach, and complemented by expert knowledge across a broad range of agricultural topics.  While his credibility is most often judged initially upon his expert knowledge, the high level of producer engagement and practice change is achieved through an effective mix of passionate presenting and challenging interaction. 


Nathan's experiences have refined his methods of communication to help clients develop themselves, deepen their understanding and build flexibility and resilience into their businesses.  Nathan presents as expert, coach, motivator and facilitator.  A unique blend that delivers real results.  To find out more about Nathan's keynote speaking, or presenter training, please visit 

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